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Creating the Magic: Passion, Knowledge, and Purpose
This training consists of the following: team building, identifying personal styles and how different styles work together, planning with purpose, and bringing “magic” to the classroom.

Getting it Done
This training involves time management strategies/transitions, Daily 5 (customized), and differentiation strategies for whole group and small group instruction.

Blocking out the Noise
Do you get overwhelmed with emails, lesson planning, grading, conferences, assessments, paperwork, and meetings? This training focuses on determining what to spend time on and what to let go. All teachers need more time! Learn how to save time and become more efficient.

Understanding How Words Work:Phonemic Awareness and Phonics
This training consists of learning the sounds of all phonograms and how to use them to improve reading and writing and will blend well with any curriculum.

Boosting Morale in your Building…Coming Soon

New Teacher Boot Camp…Coming Soon

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